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English-Английский ================================= Package Faience_zip_icon for Windows: The archive contains Two folders Ico and Png. Only 24 — Icons; 001,7z,arj,bz2,cab,cpio,deb,dmg,fat,gz,hfs,iso,lha,lzh,ntfs,rar,rpm,tar,vhd,wim,xar,xz,z,zip. Dimensions: Each Icon contains a 10-formats; 16;24;32;48;64;72;80;96;128 and 256px -32bit(RGB/A) -------------------------------- Setting icons "Faience_zip_icon" in the "7zip" with the help of the program ("7 -Zip Theme Manager" abbreviated "7zTM_2.0") which can be downloaded here — [link] Setting icons "Faience_zip_icon": Copy the folder "Faience_zip_icon" folder "x: \ 7zTM_2.0 \ filetype" Run "7zTM_2.0" looking in the folder "filetype" Name : Faience_zip_icon, apply and all! Good luck! ================================= Русский-Russian ================================= Пакет Faience_zip_icon для Windows: Архив содержит Две папки Ico и Png. Всего 24-Иконки;

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